jueves, 21 de enero de 2010

Who's that girl???

Who's that girl?
I was wondering last night

Is she new in town?
I asked my self
Is she a friend of mine?
I was trying to remember

Her face was so familiar, so friendly
that it was impossible to stop looking at her

She's in love
I said..
Her eyes were shinning
and that lighten brown skin was brigther than others

She must be waiting for someone
Or maybe she's in a hurry?

She was constantly looking at her watch
counting the hours
wishing the time pass by
waiting just for the right guy

There's an aura around her...

Who's that girl?
I asked my self once againg
She's so familiar.

Everything was so dark
Everything was so calm
am I confused?
everything was so blur...
and I wanted to see the goodest as I can
Just to see
Just to understand

The girl right there
is sitting along in her bedroom
the aura was still there
and the TV right in front of her eyes
Singing all those good songs
as many other nights.

She's in love
She's just looking for the right guy
wishing the time goes bye
wishing to finish with those lonely nights.

And i'll be wondering myself
time and time againg
who's that little girl?

Seems to be me sometimes
Seems to be her
anyway I could be both of them

They both are inlove
and just letting the time pass by...

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